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KSYSTEM's consultants use proven analysis and evaluation tools to provide accurate assessments of assets, threats, and vulnerabilities. We employ methods developed for use within the diplomatic security, VIP security and military force protection communities, in addition to proprietary evaluation tools designed specifically for use at commercial facilities. Our assessments are also based on accurate and realistic design basis threats and threat scenarios--the product of decades of terrorism related research and analysis.
Among our solutions and services:

 On site Anti-Terrorism training
 Assessing terrorism related risk
 Conventional security training programs
 Weapons of mass-destruction and the intelligence function.
Opperational Accessoies Planning & Performance
Radio frequency jammers - also known as RF jammers, cellular jammers, cell phone jammers, wideband jammers and bomb jammers - are devices designed to preventing other communication devices from successfully operating.
Jammers interrupt communications by broadcasting radio transmissions on the particular frequencies used by the targeted devices. Cell phone jammers are often used, for example, to prevent the use of cellular telephones in a given area. They do this by generating disruptive signals on the frequencies used by cell phones to communicate with cellular antenna towers.
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