CCTV & Video Motion Detection Products
CCTV & Video Motion Detection Products Military Police and Governments Anti Terrorism
KSYSTEM LTD is a complete specialist in the design & installation of Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV), Access Control & other integrated security & communications products.
Our company is a leading distributor and complete specialists in design of security and surveillance products using high-end Digital Video Recording technologies and Video Motion Detection products.Its world class consultants, security and architects team, with their combined experience of over 30 years in the surveillance and security industry, has today installing and maintaining the world's first completely integrated DVR and VMD monitoring platforms.
KSYSTEM LTD products are advanced and fully integrated video monitoring systems that use highly sophisticated video processing and intelligent video motion detection with State-of-the-art Internet/wireless communication. KSYSTEM's VMD products are Enterprise, Standalone, Compact DVR's and video gateways that combine security functionality with the highest level of video streaming performance. We bring to the market ready and easy-to-use remote video monitoring platforms. With a worldwide consultants and architects team, KSYSTEM is targeting the SOHO, medium and large sized enterprises, remote site and institutional monitoring markets.
Professional CCTV Cameras
Security surveillance products are designed to secure personal property and security against any loss or damage. It is the best product to deter crime and assist police for evidence collection. KSYSTEM has been released many best price/performance security products with easy operation for many years. We have been optimizing the quality management system, such as quality inspection, total quality control, total quality assurance and Total Quality Management This altogether enables us to deliver the high quality products to the market.
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HuperVision 4000 is advanced and extensive digital video surveillance system for large-scaled, or commercial securities, including retail, industry sites, public sectors, travel & transit spots, and warehousing, etc. Other than conventional DVR functions, huperVision 4000 offers more powerful and intelligent features in video content analysis, such as smart search and object detection, and PTZ camera auto tracking & direct control as well.
HuperVision 4000 provides different client programs, including huperRemote, Remote Viewer, huperRemote PDA, and huperRemote Phone, which allow you to control, monitor and record surveillance video from a remote computer or with your handheld devices.
HuperCenter, the central management system, is included as well. It acts as a central station which enables you to monitor all suspicious situations and intrusions from multiple DVR sites at one place. It can handle 64 cameras simultaneously, and generate detailed event logs for verification.
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Mobile DVR.
MDVR is the new module design for perfect security and surveillance solution. It can application in mobile vehicle and an 8-channel DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that offers real-time video / audio recording and playback. MDVR integrates traditional security devices and features remote monitoring, recording and control of multiple sites simultaneously.
Its advanced motion detection feature avoids false alarms, and provides several methods to notify about intrusions or abnormal situations instantly. MDVR can combined with external wireless transmission includes Wi-Fi and GPRS features for remote surveillance of public transportation system.
Watch Scheme
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VMD & NMD Intelligent Solutions
Our Intelligent provides the World's most Intelligent Video Analysis Software across the entire spectrum of surveillance requirements including Intruder Detection, Slip and Fall Detection, People and Vehicle Counting, Suspicious Behavior Analysis and Tracking, Graffiti Detection, Theft Detection and Abandoned Object Detection in a Crowd.
Using the most sophisticated technology available the IQ Series greatly increases the accuracy and efficiency of security by adding Artificial Intelligence to any Video Surveillance system. The addition of extra intelligence means critical events won't be missed due to human shortcomings and constraints.
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