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CCTV & Video Motion Detection Products Military Police and Governments Anti Terrorism
As a company intensively involved with the local industry, as well as the Israeli end markets, KSYSTEM helps its clients to identify potential niches for their products and develop strategies for penetrating the Israeli market and becoming leading suppliers.
KSYSTEM fields of action are in the military, government and commercial markets. The main areas being land warfare systems, electronic and Electro-Optical systems, armored vehicles, weapons systems and ammunition, satellite communication and navigation systems, laser systems and specialized equipment for special operation forces. This product line carries our vision of increased benefits, coupled with first-rate quality, provided to you in each and every product that we supply. All our products are rigorously tried and tested in the field by some of the best Special Forces units in the World and within the harshest conditions. Our products time and time again stand the test!
Opperational Accessories Planning & Performance
Our primary objective at KSYSTEM is to supply our customers with a value-added product; whose benefits ensure a more sophisticated and personalized interaction with the firearm.
We believe that by offering superior functionality and ergonomically designed features, our products guarantee that first-class results are achieved in action. This product line carries our vision of increased benefits, coupled with first-rate quality, provided to you in each and every product that we supply.
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Vision-based systems
KSYSTEM provides innovative vision-based systems for the Defense, Security and Consumer Electronics markets. KSYSTEM's unique products are based on its proprietary achievements in the fields of Omni-Directional Imaging, Advanced Electro-Optic Sensors, Remote Observation Systems, Image Processing and Image Understanding Software.
The company's product lines include a wide variety of innovative products for Counter Terrorism, Military Reconnaissance, Low Intensity Conflicts (LIC), Homeland Security, Surveillance, Training Monitoring & After Action Review and Consumer Electronics applications.
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Electro-optical and optical sights
KSYSTEM develops a wide array of products for the military, law enforcement and civilian markets. The company's products include electro-optical and optical sights and devices, night sights and marking devices based on tritium technology, security and military products based on LED technology, and night vision devices. We develops our products in close cooperation with military and law enforcement agencies around the world - and in particular, within Israel.
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MII FlashCam
Designed for Military Personnel, EOD Teams, Patrol and Traffic Officers, Narcotics Officers, Criminal Investigators, Tactical Units, First Responders, Special Operations Personnel, Correctional Officers, Border Agents, and Federal and State Police Officers and Investigators.
The M-II FlashCam gives the scout the ability to do reconnaissance, battle damage assessment (BDA), and to capture, save and send images 24 hours a day. It is lightweight, does not degrade the scout's mobility, and the one button image capturing capability means quick response in difficult situations.
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